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Qusetion about docement :AN2932 Serial RapidIO Code

Question asked by Lee Min on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Lee Min

        Dear administrator,I’m developing a board with P2020 + CPS1848 RapidIO switch architecture,Nowadays ,I saw a document(AN2932) witch describe how to config TSI568 in MPC8548.I think that IDT is the upgrade product of CPS1848,and P2020 is the upgrade product of MPC8548.So I wanna to migrate the code from that version.But I don’t know where I can get the code of that document(AN2932 Serial RapidIO Bring-Up Procedure on PowerQUICC III).
        Waiting for your reply online (Chinese means zai xian deng)....
       Lee. 2016.12.1