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TWR-K20D50M firmware update, programming, debugging

Question asked by Dominik Fallmann on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Dominik Fallmann

Hello, I am working with TWR-K20D50M eval-board and using Kinetis Design Studio.
If I run debug, then I get the message "Old OSJTAG/OSBDM firmware has been detect".


As next step I update the firmeware with the program PEFirmwareUpdater.exe.
I get the message "The embedded firmware needs to be in bootloader mode to update".
By using the jumper J34 (JM60 BOOT) I cannot proceed with the firmware update.


Do I have wrong drivers?

How I can flash and debug the TWR-K20D50M eval-board?