brian dang

USB TAP failed to initialize xROM (internal flash 56F8367)

Discussion created by brian dang on Nov 29, 2016

Could someone please compile the following simple code and then use USB TAP to load it? From xMAP file I searched for .const .data and found the tool reserved 3 words for the string at xROM starts at $4000. However after loading, I used USB TAP read back and found the data were not defined at address 0x4000 (expect to see $31 $32 $33 $34 and $00) . I'm not sure what am I missing so could someone please try to help?





volatile char *s_pointer;      // defined as global variable


void Uart1_PutString(s)

char *s;


               s_pointer=s;                       // other interrupt routine TX_isr() uses s_pointer to load the string character into TX                                                           // register such as io.sci1.scidr=*(s_pointer++) until NUL char;

               io.sci1.scicr |= TRANSMITTER_EMPTY_INT;           // enable TX interrupt which calls TX_isr() 



Uart1_PutString("1234");                        // pass pointer of const string to funtion()