AW32 problems in 5V

Discussion created by JohnnyS2K on Jul 4, 2008
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Hi to all,
       I have made a little LED blink application for the AW32 MCU (MC9S08AW32 CFGE) and programmed with the DEMOQE board through the BDM connector. I have tested the application with a supply voltage of 3.3V (BDM connector) and it works fine, but, when I supply the AW32 MCU with 5V (in other board with the LM2575-5.0) the power supply enter in short circuit (protection) and after some trys the AW32 MCU is damaged entering in internal short circuit (the BDM resets itself when I connect the MCU).
       My question is: the AW32 can really use 5V as supply voltage? Does someone have made some project with the same components? What can be wrong?