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MPC8315E-RDBA I2C flashing issue

Question asked by Eduard Bartosh on Nov 29, 2016
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I tried to flash u-boot on my MPC8315E-RDBA Rev C board using kermit on my PC and I2C flasher embedded into the board. Kermit was able to transfer u-boot.bin just fine. However, after that flashing fails with the error "Flash not Erased". Here is the full console output:


## DONE binary (kermit) download

Serial Download Done

Flash Init Done

detected flash

...... done

Flash not Erased

The write error has occured and flash cann't be written


I tried different u-boot builds with the same effect.


The DIP switch S3 is in ON-OFF-ON-ON (0100) position as was suggested by flashing instructions.


Can anybody help with this?


Thank you,