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Reading Keypad Data Register crashes i.MX 7 SoC

Question asked by Stefan Agner on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by Mark Ruthenbeck



Our customer discovered a kernel freeze when trying to initialize the Keypad driver in Linux. Looking a bit closer in why it exactly freezes we could pinpoint a single register read during the drivers initialization: In imx_keypad_config the driver reads the Keypad Data Register (KPDR) on which line the system freezes.


static void imx_keypad_config(struct imx_keypad *keypad)
         unsigned short reg_val;

          * Include enabled rows in interrupt generation (KPCR[7:0])
          * Configure keypad columns as open-drain (KPCR[15:8])
         reg_val = readw(keypad->mmio_base + KPCR);
         reg_val |= keypad->rows_en_mask & 0xff; /* rows */
         reg_val |= (keypad->cols_en_mask & 0xff) << 8; /* cols */
         writew(reg_val, keypad->mmio_base + KPCR);

         /* Write 0's to KPDR[15:8] (Colums) */
         reg_val = readw(keypad->mmio_base + KPDR);<FREEZE>
         reg_val &= 0x00ff;
         writew(reg_val, keypad->mmio_base + KPDR);

We can also verify that with a simple read using U-Boot.. Other register in the same block seem to work fine:

=> md.w 0x30320004 1
30320004: 0000 ..
=> md.w 0x30320002 1
30320002: 0002 ..
=> md.w 0x30320006 1

As far as I understand there should be no limitations on when this register is readable. It is only byte or half-word addressable, and md.w is addressing it using a half-word read, so this should be a valid register access.


This is reproducible on our Colibri iMX7 modules as well as on a NXP MCIMX7SABRE Rev. C (mask 2N09P). I did not found a related errata.


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