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We are using LS1043A in our System. I need to Set the RCW configuration for MEM_PLL_RAT(10-15)

Question asked by Logesh S on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Logesh S

I have doubt in setting RCW  value for bits MEM_PLL_RAT(10-15) which is used to select DDR Clock. In datasheet in table 159 it is mentioned as the ratio  between DDR datarate: DDRCLK ratio, but in Reference Manual It is mentioned as the ratio between DDR PLL:SYSCLK Ratio. 


My Core Freq is 1.6GHz, Platform Freq is 400MHz, and DDR Data rate need to 1600MT/s. Kindly help me what value should i keep in MEM_PLL_RAT(10-15) RCW setting?