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Parametrics for KV1x and FlexTimer Quadrature Decoding

Question asked by Ralph Corderoy on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by xiangjun.rong

Hi, I'm interested in Quadrature Decoding for three Phase{A,B} inputs.  The FlexTimer module can do this, but it seems the 6-channel FTs don't make the Quadrature Decoding available, e.g. KV11P64M75RM.pdf, Rev. 3, May 2015, KV11 Sub-Family Reference Manual, covers the sixteen MKV{10,11}Z{64,128}V{FM,LC,LF,LH}7 and FTMx_QDCTRL appears in Ch. 36's memory map for FTM{0..5} suggesting that the 6ch FTM0 and FTM3 can do QD.  But Signal Descriptions and Multiplexing, 10.4.6 on page 189 has PH{A,B} for only FTM{1,2,4,5} and not the 6ch FTM{0,3} so the signals aren't made available?  Have I interpreted that correctly?


This matters because some KV10 have 1x6ch + 2x2ch, all with FTMx_QDCTRL, suggesting it would be sufficient for my three Phase{A,B}, but I'm getting the impression 6ch just don't make their QD available.


The Parametric chooser has a column "Quad Encoder", note "En", not "De".  The possible value seems to be just "1" as a checkbox, e.g. ARM Cortex-M0+|Kinetis KV1x Motor Control MCUs|NXP  What does this QE column refer to?  (Each column heading could do with a help bubble that pops up on hover to expand the definition.)  I couldn't find a FlexTimer column telling me how many of 6ch and 2ch were available.  How do I search for this?


Cheers, Ralph.