Jeongtae Park

Software stack for KW01Z

Discussion created by Jeongtae Park on Nov 28, 2016



Id like to adopt KW01Z series for AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) application.

Our MAC standard is 802.15.4e, so I looked over your document EUF-IND-T0970 by Cyril Zarader of BD Microcontrollers EMEA – “Enabling the Internet of Things(IoT)

However I have some questions as below for evaluation


1. How I can get the S/W stack for below layer?



When I installed KW01 Connectivity Software in Website, but I couldnt find any s/w stack except PHY.

And I need 6TOP s/w stack also in order to drive TSCH, however I couldnt check it.


2. KW01Z is too small flash memory size for our application, so Id like to use additional NXP MCU.

It means I only use RF block of KW01Z and s/w stack will be loaded to additional MCU.

If I use additional MCU + KW01Z, can I get the S/W stack?

3. What is PPDU max size of KW01Z?


4. Are transceiver clock(32MHz) and MCU clock(48MHz) clocks needed to input differently?

or can I use one external clock?