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Is it possible to change the used GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi for the OM5577 Kit?

Question asked by Armin Haas on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Kan_Li

Hi everybody!


I am using the OM5577 Kit for the PN7120 on my Raspberry Pi 2 (running the OM5577 demo image). 


I wired the controller board directly to the pins of the Raspberry to get rid of the interface board and the controller works perfectly fine, but now i would like to add my display to the setup. The display uses the SPI interface and the PN7120 I²C, so i thought this should work.


The problem:

The display and the PN7120 controller are both using the pin#18 (GPIO24).

The display uses it for "Instructions/Data Register selection" and i think the PN7120 for resetting the chip.



Now I wondered if it might be possible to reassign the GPIO pins to use the pin#12 (GPIO18) instead of the pin#18.



Thank you!