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Ethernet Receiving frame Problem in MK66.,

Question asked by karthik A S on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by manfredschnell

I am using  MK66FN2M0VLQ18 MCU in our customized board.


In SDK_2.0_MK66FN2M0xxx18 stack I am using LWIP_ping example. As our Ethernet Phy is hardware confiured, I removed all PHY initialization part existing in the stack.

Now I can able to get Ethernet interface and also I am sending UDP packet from board to PC. I am using send function as fallows .

>>         form_UDP_Packet(send_buf,send_buf,8+Length);
>>         error = ENET_SendFrame(ENET,handle,send_buf,168);

To form UDP frame I am using my own routines. The send function is working fine and I am getting UDP packet in PC(observed using Wireshark Ethernet tool). 

similarly How do I implement Receive function.?? 

I tried to receive the packet using available routines in stack as fallows 

>>     error = ENET_GetRxFrameSize(handle, &length);
>>      error = ENET_ReadFrame(ENET, handle,Rx_buf,length);

But its not working.


Can anyone help me to implement receive function, also how do I use those Receive functions available.??


Thank you .,


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