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i.MX6 ipu CSI examples

Question asked by Seba Seba on Nov 28, 2016


I am using i.MX6 with 3.14.60-fslc-imx6-sr linux kernel

I am trying to use IPU to capture parallel 8bit camera frames.

I have read examples available on ipu-examples/mx6 at master · rogeriorps/ipu-examples · GitHub  and have seen that
#include<linux/ipu-v3.h> header has got functions with CSI but it doesn't compile. Headers that compile are <linux/mxcfb.h> and <linux/ipu.h> But with them I have completly got NO IDEA how to set CSI to be input for IPU.


I also saw that IPUlib doesnt work in imx6 but only with imx53 so I think that is the reason why <linux/ipu-v3.h> header doesn't compile.


Can someone tell me which headers should I use or give some example codes in c++ of setting CSI as an input for IPU ??