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[MPC5777M] FEC frame reception

Question asked by eschick on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by eschick

Hi all,


I've been sitting on this problem for a while now. I have an MPC5777M device here, on which I would like to establish a simple ethernet communication. For that purpose I use the FEC application for the MPC564xB/C, as the FEC is the same on that device. My board is connected to my computer via an USB-2-Ethernet converter and I catch the Ethernet frames with wireshark. I configure the FEC according to the application note and similar to the example project that is linked together with the appnote(AN4577SW). I'm sending simple ARP requests to my computer and they are properly recognised and also responded by the computer. However the problem is that I do not receive the response.

First I was thinking that there is something wrong with the interrupt configuration, because no RX interrupt was generated, bun if I skip the PHY configuration and enable the internal loopback, the RX interrupt is generated and I receive my transmitted frame. Another idea was that the frame could be droped because of the destination address recognition, but the frame is send to my configured MAC address (FEC.PALR and FEC.PAUR) and FEC.RCR.PROM Bit (for accepting all frames) is also set.


Has anyone an idea what could cause this issue?