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M5235BCC EVB - Help using the Chip Select Module on the BUS Port

Discussion created by Tyler Hague on Jul 3, 2008
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I am using the M5235 Business Card Controller EVB.  I am attempting to use the Chip Select Module for an output via the BUS port ( D[31:24], A[15:0], etc.)  At the present time the goal is just to figure out how to get an output so that we can apply it once we fully know how to use the board.  I have written a program but this has led to a few questions:

1.) Am I going about programming this in the right way (code attached)?  If not, what is the correct way?

2.) When we hook it up to a scope we see an output.  Could this be from something else other than my program using the Data Bus?
     We have noticed that when transferring applications to the board and typing in the terminal the Data Bus gives an output as well.  This is what has led us to the above question.  If it is/could be something else displaying the output, how would we go about fixing it?

[EDIT]:  I forgot to mention, I am using the QuadrOS + OpenTCP RTOS.


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