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[MPC5777M] MPURE instruction usage

Question asked by Paulo DA SILVA PINTO on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Paulo DA SILVA PINTO


I would like to use the mpure assembly instruction to read MAS0,MAS1,MAS2,MAS3 registers

To do such, I've written, as an example, the following code to read MAS0 register corresponding to the 3rd entry of mputable of kind Instruction:


# Form entry to read with INST=1, SHD=0, ESEL=3

LIS r3, 0x0103@ha

ADDI r3, 0x0000@l

# Write MAS0 register value

MTSPR 624, r3



# Read MAS0 register value

MFSPR r3, 624


Q1 : Is this the correct way to do it ? If not could you please provide me with an assembly sampling of code ?

Q2 : When no entry exists in the MPU table corresponding to the (INST,SHD,ESEL) choice, what is the result of mpure operation ?