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Question asked by 晓辉 王 on Nov 25, 2016
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      Iam now  using S12ZVC .My problem is when Busoff occured . CANerror interrupt could  happen .but somtimes when I deal the the  CANerror interrupt .It will enter CANerror interrupt again .The following codes is all right  in Demo  board and in 10 percents of  my boards .But 90 percents of  my boards  will enter CANerror interrupt again and again when busoff happened(use the following codes).  I could not sove the problem 

Is there any  points to taken when deal MSCAN with the CAN PTY ,I just  use  CP0CR_CPE = 1;CP0CR_SPE = 1; 

Other Registers about CAN PTY need  care.

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