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Processor Expert CW10.6 Error Message on MKE06Z ConsoleIO

Question asked by Eyeow Lee on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by Eyeow Lee

I am currently using FRDM-KE06Z (MKE06Z128VLK4) with CW 10.6. I am trying to use the Processor Expert (PE) to configure and generate code for the console for communication with my PC hyperterminal. Before that I was utilizing the sample codes from FRDM-KEXX Driver Library Package and the communication at hyperterminal works fine. And I understand that those sample codes is not generated from Processor Expert.


After I have setup the bareboard project folder based on target MCU MKE06Z128VLK4, next I wanted to go to component library of PE to select consoleIO and configure it. However error message below shown out:


Error: Error in the inherited component settings


It seems like I wasn't allowed to further configure this consoleIO. May I know why is this happening? or did I miss out something?