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MPC5744P CTU dual-conversion problem

Question asked by Hrvoje Erjavec on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Hrvoje Erjavec


I am having a problem with the CTU dual conversion, while having no problems in single conversion.

I have configured the CTU for triggering on PWM reload and I am having dual ADC conversion on a trigger.

(I am also generating the external output trigger for debugging / trigger generation monitoring.)

CTU is setup in triggered mode, where I am using just the first trigger, with one ADC dual conversion command in the list.

I have set the LC in the next command to make this the only command executed.


The result are stored in the FIFO0, which has 16 32-bit entries. 

The problem seems to be that when all 16 entries are read from the FIFO, plus 2 more, the values read from the FIFO start to be 0..

The triggers are still generated, according to the external output trigger. FIFO status register reports an overflow and full FIFO.

Error flag register only reports a ERRCMP, which is more like a informative status that the counter reached the value at which it should stop.


Can anybody help me on this matter?