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LPCScrypt - Programming via USB

Question asked by Mariusz Wlodarczyk on Nov 23, 2016
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I have problem with programming LPC1853 via USB.

My environment : Keil uVision, LPCScrypt 1.8.0, srec_cat (SRecord).


   In my HW I have LPC1853 and external SPIFI flash. I would like to exchange code via USB0.

LPCScrypt can't program all memories (two internal memory Banks and ext. flash) . I need to split one final hex file into 4 small peaces - BankA, BankB, SPIFI, EEPROM.

   Keil recommended to use srec_cat tool to do it. It works fine. I can program via LPCScypt (USB0) SPIFI and EEPROM, but I have a problem with internal flash Banks.

LPCSrypt shows error :


But I tried to program the same hex (WPS15_BankA.hex) via J-Flash (and JTAG) and it works fine. It adds checksum for this bank. And after programming a both banks via J-Flash a device works fine.

LPCScrypt has problem with the size, although I divided internal flash according to the instructions on the 2 banks (each 256kB).


PS. Keil instruction how to use srec_cat tool :



My instructions to split hex :

srec_cat.exe -Output_Block_Size=32 -address-length=4 .\Obj\WPS15.hex -Intel  -crop 0x1A000000 0x1A040000 -o .\Obj\WPS15_BankA.hex -Intel
srec_cat.exe -Output_Block_Size=32 -address-length=4 .\Obj\WPS15.hex -Intel -crop 0x1B000000 0x1B040000 -o .\Obj\WPS15_BankB.hex -Intel