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problem in erase and writing in the same bank of LPC1837 micro controller

Question asked by nagendra murthy on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by nagendra murthy

Hi everyone, 


I'm using LPC1837 micro controller for some application development. This micro controller has on-chip flash memory of 1MB. 1MB is shared between two memory banks Bank A and  Bank B. each bank has 15 sectors 0-7 with 8kB size and 8-14 with 64kB size.  boot loader code resides from sector 0 to sector 8 in bank A. 


Now if i try to write  application code in the sector 9 or 10 in the bank A. it is hitting the hard fault handler. 


if the same application code in written in bank b any sector,  it works fine without and problem. 

i'm using IAP command to erase and write . 


can anyone please explain about this and also how to solve this ?