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How can I turn off wireless module for current consumption in jn5168?

Question asked by erdem pamuk on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez


I use JN5168 wireless module and I write codes inside it.  I read data from an accelometer  in every 100ms and I send data via wireless in every 60sec.  My wireless communication spends 2-3 sec. for current consumpiton I want to turn off radio while 50 sec. And I want to turn on before sending.

I write my code on AN1180_154_HomeSensorEnd .



 I use below code 


   if ( wirelessCommInProgress == FALSE && PowerChangeTime==TRUE ){

   if ( Power== ON ){
   }else {



After  ProtocolPower(FALSE) funciton current  decreases 1mA ( 3.5mA to 2.5mA) and after RestoreMacSettings I cant send datas any more.


1. Is there any trick for using this function ?

2. How can I turn off and turn on radio  (not going to sleep)

3. Is there any apNote or demo code for JN5168 module  power consumption ?

4. While co-ordinator is off. my end device always scanning for co-ordinator and spends 17mA. after protocolPower(FALSE)  current reduces to 16mA.