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LPC1857 USB1 port suspend

Question asked by Vivien Wong on Nov 22, 2016
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   I am trying to suspend the USB 1 port. The LPC1857 is the Host and I have a fingerprint module connected to USB1.

Here is my code and the chip hangs up (when I run in debug mode with LPC link, it shows that CPU is stalled when i run this code).


void USB1_ForcePortSuspend()
    // only set suspend bit if the port is currently enabled (PE bit set to 1)
    if (LPC_USB1->PORTSC1_H & (1 << 2))
        LPC_USB1->PORTSC1_H |= 1 << 7; // Enable suspend bit


        // wait for port to suspend
        while (!(LPC_USB1->PORTSC1_H & (1 << 7)));




        // now suspend the PHY Clock
        LPC_USB1->PORTSC1_H |= (1 << 23);


//         wait for the clock to suspend
        while (!(LPC_USB1->PORTSC1_H & (1 << 23)));




Is there a recommended step to suspend the USB 1 port?


Just to add on that it is when i suspend the PHY clock that the CPU gets stalled.