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Issues with porting Eli Hughes' Codewarrior TFC examples to ARM Keil TFC

Question asked by Marley McIntyre on Nov 22, 2016

Hi There,


I have been having some trouble with following Prof. Hughes' Codewarrior examples for Freescale Cup Shield for the Freedom KL25Z 

The problems arise due to having to use the KEIL development kit for my NXP Cup project due to Codewarrior being unavailable for me to use.

I have managed to complete the single Keil coding example I could find (blinker) and with that sought to import the above code into a new Keil project. I have subsequently been having bad trouble with unusual compiling errors which indicate that sections from the pre-programmed EventRecorder.c and MKL25Z4.c are undefined when everything seems in order. The issue comes from the __STATIC_INLINE, SIM->COPC and MCG sections of the EventRecorder.c and MKL25Z4.c code


I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to fixing this as I am quite stumped. Apologies if this is quite a silly issue.


I have attached screenshots of the problems.


Kind Regards



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