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About connection of IMX7 and Memory device

Question asked by okamoto satoshi on Nov 22, 2016
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I want to check for IMX7.
I connect the IMX7 and LPDDR3.


①Can swapping other than the lower bits of the byte lane (Data bit) ?
 It is the contents of the following.
②Can swapping byte lanes (Data bit)?
 A.When using 32-bit memory, can swapping Byte lane 0 and Byte lane 3 ?
 B.Can freely swapping other byte lanes (Data lane 0/1/2/3)?
③Can swapping Address line?


Using bit swapping for DATA bus to allow easy pcb routing.
When using data bit swapping the low order bit of each byte must reside at bit 0 of the byte.
The remaining 7 data bits can be swapped freely.
This restriction is for write leveling calibration.
Example D0 to D0 or D0 to D8, and D1-7 can be swapped.
When swapping byte lanes on 16-bit memories, remember to move the DQMx, DQSx, and DQSx_B signals for that byte lane.


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