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PN532 response issue

Question asked by testbed on Nov 22, 2016
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When executing the InJumpForDEP command to initiate a P2P session, the response to the command is not consistent. PN532 always sends the correct ACK, but the entire recive buffer shows 0x80, even when the ACK was success. Please refer to the two screenshots of the rx buffer


Proper response for InJumpForDEP.

Proper RX response for InJumpForDEP


Incorrect response (ACK received)

Incorrect response


This behavior alternates throughout the operation of the device. I am using a Kinetis series MCU with this PN532 board with the I2C configured for 100 KHz baud. PN532 configured for active mode, 424 kbps.

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If anyone is familiar with the above behavior please let me know. Is this the kind of response sent to the host mcu when the target is not sensed ?