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NFC tag only lock every 2'nd block

Question asked by Moti Cohen on Nov 22, 2016


We're using ICODE SLIX (SL2S2002) NFC tag.

We have a driver that is implementing the IEC15693 protocol.

after we are done writing we are trying to lock the NFC by doing a line-by-line lock, however - only the even blocks are locked successfully (block 0,2,4 ...). 

xml file with the tag content after the 1'st lock is attached.

this is the pseudo code we are following for locking:


for blockcount = 0 to 27 step 1 Do  //28 blocks


\* Issue a LOCK SINGLE BLOCK command *\

010B000304184222 && 2HexByteXX(blockcount) && 0000   

\* delay *\

Wait 15msec



When we're repeating the same process all over again, the odd lines are being locked as well.

Will appriciate it if you can help and point out what we're doing wrong..


Thanks in advance, 



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