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Question of MPC5676R core 1 stop issue

Question asked by Luke Chun Employee on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa

Hello Team


Could you check the abnormal phenomenon of MPC5676R?

MPC5676R is used both core 0 and core 1.

The issue is that Core 1 is stopped, almost(Easy duplication…just power on, it can make duplication.) and could not implement application code by core 1.(core 0 is working well, always)
Sometimes, Core 1 is working well but it is stopped after few min or sec. After Core 1 stop, it cannot re-work by any ways....just try to re-power on...


My investigation is below;

1. It can make same issue(core1 stop) if S/W is used the reference code(Core1 is stopped using other S/W.)
And it is working well if other MCU is downloaded by the dump flash data from issue MCU.
So I think that the application S/W is not the reason…


2. When I use the T32 for debug, Core 1 is showing entry point or reset state(could not access J-tag, it is showing "???" or holding values) during issue condition.
When I tried to reset using SIU_RSTVEC1 / RST bit for core 1, it is returned "0" by automatically during issue condition(core 1 stop).
However it keeps “1” during working Core 1 condition. And I changed “RST” bit to “0”, core 1 jumps to entry point and working well.(it is normal working condition...)
So I think that “something” is released reset of core1 during issue condition(core1 stop.)


3. when the issue condition(Core 1 stop), Core power consumption is increased...



Did you see the similar issue? And could you let me know any guidance of this issue?(how to debug, which information can make sure for understanding.)


Thank you.