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Using fault pin with quaderature decoder BDM mode2

Discussion created by Harsh Patel on Nov 22, 2016
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Hello Everyone


we have to use PAN and tilt motor in our application. We are using MKV10z128xxx7 for PWM and Quadrature decoder functionality.


while using fault pin and quadrature decoder with BDM mode 2 code goes to default ISR.


I have read  a NOTE in Reference manual of KV10:


"The BDMMODE[1:0] = 2’b00 must not be used with the Fault control. Even if the fault control is enabled and a fault condition exists, the channels outputs values are updated as above. "


So i want to conform that is it not possible to use both functionality simultaneously?


if yes than is there any way to use quadrature decoder BDM mode 2 and fault functionality simultaneously?

if explain reason then more appreciated...


Thanks & reagards


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