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t4240QDS help

Question asked by Will Hampton on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by bpe

I work at UAB computer Science Department as a student assistant in the IT department. One of our researchers bought a t4240qds in chassis with harddrive and loaded SD Card three years ago for network layer development via ssh. One day the t4240qds went down and the reseracher could no longer access it. By this time the person who had set up the t4240qds system was no longer with us. A grad student was set to work on the t4240qds to get it back online. He was successful only in breaking the sd card that (as far as I understand) hard the (?)operating system on it.  I think I need to build another SD Card for it. I am stuck on trying to remake the SD card as I have no experience with building linux kernels, yocto or embedded systems at all. The Beginner's Guide for the t4240qds doesn't work, as some of the links are dead and i have commented on that. Building yocto is beyond me at this point as I'm not even sure what I'm doing with this box...Please answer my noob questions about this product.


What is the environment that is accessible from another linux machine via serial connector and minicom called?


Is it possible to boot this t4240qds off the hard drive in the chassis? if so how to do that?


Is this system supposed to run off the SD Card that ships with it?


Can someone supply up to date information on how to build an image to go on an SD card that doesn't require deep knowledge of bitbake or embedded linux?


Can I order another SD Card with yocto(or whatever ships with this box) on it?


Is there an email/phone number to get support directly from NXP? I can't find one.