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BOD implementation

Question asked by Timo Kunze on Nov 21, 2016
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do you have a example implementation for BOD LPC4317?  


I wrote the following lines:

  // Bown-Out Detect voltage level (0-3)
  uint32_t bodVoltageLevel = 3; // interrupt level 3 (3.05V)
  // Brown-Out Reset voltage level (0-3)
  uint32_t borVolatgeReset = 0; // reset level 0 (1.9V)
 // Initialize the event router.
 // Configures the BOD level and reset level on LPC18xx/LPC43xx parts.
 // Note: BOD reset is not used!
 Chip_CREG_ConfigureBODaR(bodVoltageLevel, borVolatgeReset);
 // Set up the type of interrupt type for a source to EVRT.
 // Level configuration register (HILO)
 // Edge configuration (EDGE)
 // HILO bit  n EDGE bit n  Description
  // 0      0       Detect LOW level (currently active)
  // 0      1       Detect falling edge
  // 1      0       Detect HIGH level
  // 1      1       Detect rising edge 
 // *** 
 // Event Enable register (ENABLE)
 // The ENABLE register can be read at any time. To change the contents of this register, use
  // the CLR_EN and SET_EN registers.
 // Set event enable register (SET_EN)
 // The SET_EN register sets the corresponding bits in the ENABLE register.
 // Enable interrupt sources to EVRT. Source is BOD.
 // BOD interrupt. Not active in Deep-sleep, Power-down, and
  // Deep power-down mode. Use for wake-up from Sleep mode.
 // Note: BOD reset is not used!

 // Clear event enable register (CLR_EN)
  // The CLR_EN register clears the corresponding bits in the ENABLE register.
 // Nothing to do.

  // ***
  // Event status register (STATUS)
 // The STATUS register monitors the internally generated interrupt or event signal from the
 // peripherals. The contents of this register can be read at any time. To change the contents
 // of this register, use the CLR_STAT and SET_STAT registers. 
 // Set event status register (SET_STAT)
 // Nothing to do.
 // Clear event status register (CLR_STAT)
 // Clear pending interrupt EVRT source. Source is BOD.

 // ***
  // Set irq event router priority
  NVIC_SetPriority(EVENTROUTER_IRQn, 1); // High priority 
 // Clear a pending event router interrupt
 // Enable event router interrupt



The IRQ Looks like:

void EVRT_IRQHandler(void)
 // For debugging, remove later again
 // Check if a source is sending interrupt to EVRT 
 if (SET == Chip_EVRT_IsSourceInterrupting(EVRT_SRC_BOD1))


My Problem is, after I activate the IRQ NVIC_EnableIRQ(EVENTROUTER_IRQn);, the MCU jumps into the IRQ-handlder. Why?


Another Problem is, that I can not reset the Status reg via  Chip_EVRT_ClrPendIntSrc(EVRT_SRC_BOD1);  The function call has no effect?


What is wrong? Thank's for any Feedback!