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Help me to choose right EVM for development with RTOS

Question asked by Shino Samuel on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

Hi all,


Presently we planned to move our platforms to LPC series micro controller for a communication related project. As a newbie to NXP LPC series, selecting an EVM for  LPC43S57JET256  controller is confusing for me.From the data collected, we selected LPCXpresso43S37 Development Board as a better option for our design. But someone kindly help me to find answers to my below query.


Q1: Is this EVM sufficent for development on uc/RTOS on the LPC43S57/LPC43S37 controller or we had to go for any other platforms from KEIL which is suggested on uc/RTOS website?


(Kindly suggest how to start development with an RTOS kernal on PC43S57JET256 device. Also like to know whether uc/RTOS integration is possible over any supported IDE  by NXP)


Q2: Is LPCXpresso43S37 Development Board had better support with LPCXpresso IDE or using any other IDE will affect our development?