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i.MX6soloX issue of accessing TCM

Question asked by morito yujiro on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by morito yujiro

I'm using MX6SX SABRE SDB(i.MX6soloX) and L3.14.52
I can read/write SRC_SCR register by memtool


root@imx6sxsabresd:~# memtool -32 0x020d8000 1
Reading 0x1 count starting at address 0x020D8000

0x020D8000: A0480538


But try to access TCML address, system to hung


root@imx6sxsabresd:~# memtool -32 0x007f8000 1
Reading 0x1 count starting at add


Though set to enable all clocks(CCM_CCGR0-6), I got the same result
How can I access to TCM from Linux?