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MMA8652, problem with freefall/motion flag reading. Desperately need help!

Question asked by Sam Kuliev on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Tomas Vaverka

I am using MMA8652FC accelerometer in on of my developments and desperately need help to solve the following problem as I am way behind schedule because of this.

Regardless of the setting of "OAE" and "ELE" in FF_MT_CFG Reg:0x15 and values in 0x017 and 0x018, bit "EA" in FF_MT_SRC 0x016 is getting locked with "Z" axis up. Entire register is acting more like Portrait/Landscape at 0x10.

My intentions are simply to read the motion bit in 0x16 and activate, or deactivate the light. 
What am I doing wrong?