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What is the highest frequency of interrupts that MQX can  handle?(maximum interrupts in 1ms)

Question asked by sumit nandi on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Daniel Chen

I am working with an MQX based application(legacy). It already has 1ms timer interrupt to capture some data.

I want to implement #ADC triggered through PDB but not using DMA to process some coil current. I need minimum of 16 samples in a period of 5ms, this evaluates to ADC trigger at every 312.5 usec. This will lead to ADC interrupt every 312.5 usec.


My problem is am not able to debug my code with above mentioned settings, i.e. i am not getting halts at my breakpoint in ADC interrupt routine. If i change the frequency of trigger to ADC to 500usec(again through PDB only) i get regular halts in ADC routine...Through this i have a conclusion that below 500 usec ADC interrupts are not being processed.


Is my conclusion right? or i am missing something here.


It would be helpful using only PDB  and no DMA. Let me know if DMA is an absolute necessity.

Please help!