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Using the New Clocks Tool to configure a custom K26F

Question asked by Neil Hancock on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Neil Hancock

Is their a document showing how to use the Clock Tool for switching configurations.

My target is to configure a K26F with Xtal 16Mhz and Xtal 32K with SD card, USB LS and HS, maintain lowest power mode and switch between the modes as required by peripherals detected.

It needs to boot in the lowest power mode, make some power measurements, and then if power available switch to a LP run mode. When no activity, which is most of time, will go to sleep (typically for 15minutes) to assume lowest power.

If SDcard present switch to a 25Mhz access mode. 

When a USB LS Host is plugged in, enumerate MSC & CDC-ACM switch clocks to manage this interface (if any)

When a USB LS Otg device  is detected, switch the USB LS Host (12Mbits/48Mhz?) clock on.

When a USB HS Otg device is detected switch the USB HS Host clock on (480Mbits/?) clock on