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USB TAP initialized xROM incorrectly.

Question asked by brian dang on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by brian dang

 I want to TX out the string "1234" as below:

Uart1_PutString("1234");                        // pass pointer


volatile char *s_pointer;      // global variable

void Uart1_PutString(s)

char *s;


               s_pointer=s;                       // TX_isr() uses s_pointer to load the string character into TX register as                                                                        // io.sci1.scidr=*s_pointer;

               io.sci1.scicr |= TRANSMITTER_EMPTY_INT;           // enable interrupt



Problem: the first character tx out is not 0x31 as expected but instead 0x57 incorrectly. I found the xROM was initialized incorrectly by the 56800E Flash Programmer.exe (I can't find the sw version) and USB TAP rev F (see xROM memory screen end of post).

Below are snippets to show the string const was stored in xROM location 0x4000:


From the xMAP file the const "1234" was initialized to xROM (internal data flash) at address 0x4000 with 3 words (6 bytes needed for 4 chars plus terminating NUL) starting form address 0x4000:

From main.asm file, I see string “1,2,3,4” is inititialized:






How do I fix this problem?