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Debian Jessie Support on i.MX 6UL

Question asked by Chasen Peters on Nov 18, 2016
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I just recently purchased a devkit from Variscite that has the i.MX6 UL processor on it. I am evaluating it for a current product that is using another linux board that has Debian jessie. I have been able to flash my dev kit with debian  and I am not looking for some resources on how to enable and disable peripherals such as the UART. Variscite seems to have a lot of documentation on how to use the peripherals with Yocto, but very little on Debian. I have already contacted Variscite, however I am probing multiple outlets for information.


I apologize if this is not the proper channel for this question.


Thank you 




link to my board is below


VAR-6UL Custom Board - Variscite