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Questions about the PWMMAC tpu function for MPC5746R

Question asked by Cheng FANG on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Cheng FANG

Now I have downloaded the PWMMAC function code from the official website and added into my project. The function works well but I still have the following questions:

(1) besides 6 pins for 3-phase, when the corresponding pin rated to the channel is configured also as a TPU output pin, a PWM signal can also be detected on this pin. But in my application, I have to get the match time of this PWM signal to trigger the AD conversions (the ASAC TPU function doesn't fit my requirements), how to get the match time of this PWM rising edge? I don't know the parameter offset. Could you please tell me the parameter offset of the match time?

(2) on the PAGE 14 of the AN2969 (Using the AC Motor Control PWM eTPU functions), there are words "One period", "Period Update Time", "Minimum Update Time" and "Longest Thread". What are their meaning? I don't understand of them.

(3) when doing initialization with the function fs_etpu_pwmmac_init_3ph,  one has to set "update_time" and "min_pw", what do they stand for? If I don't set them correctly, what will happen?


Thank you very much.