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A little Problem about MC9S08DZ serials  's  MSCAN Module Identifier Acceptance Registers?

Discussion created by Harlen Chen on Jul 2, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2008 by kef
I have used Old MC908GZ with MSCAN, but it 's only 4 MSCAN Identifier Acceptance Registers, just to match 32 bit Externed Identifer. Now, MC9S08DZ have 8 MSCAN Identifier Acceptance Register, dividing into 2 Bank.
But no control register to decide which Bank to use. During the programing, I only use 4 Register enough"MSCAN Identifier Acceptance Registers (First Bank) — CANIDAR0–CANIDAR3". Why add  "MSCAN Identifier Acceptance Registers (Second Bank) — CANIDAR4–CANIDAR7"?  How to understand ? If need, How to set?
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