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Mifare Classic 1K Authentication error 201 while porting Nxp-NFC-Reader Library over Keil uVision4.

Question asked by Sameer Huddar on Nov 19, 2016


I am working on simple smart card Mifare Classic 1K application downloaded from NXP website to detect contact less cards and further perform read/write operation. I am using CLEV663B blueboard v3.0.

I've ported the application that is running on LPC1769 controller interfaced with CLRC663 reader IC through I2C protocol over Keil uVision4 IDE.The program is being compiled and detecting cards but during authentication process I am facing an issue and getting an error 0x201 ((PH_ERR_IO_TIMEOUT) and authentication failed during execution of 'phalMfc_Authenticate' function. After tying to debug through the whole functions being called, i found that the error is generated in either "phhalHw_Rc663_Cmd.c" or "phhalHw_Rc663_Int.c" file.

I am using UART0 for displaying the information.

Kindly guide with any possible solutions or reasons for the error. Please see the attached image for reference