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CAN Initialization Problem KE06 - Processor Expert

Question asked by Luca AGOSTINI on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Bruno Tremblay



I'm trying to use two FRDM-KE06Z boards to test a simple CAN application (bare metal style).

I've removed the SDA connection, and I'm debugging the appliction by the PE Micro Universal Multilink.

I've started the the main timer interrupt and it works fine, then I've added the CAN Initialization Routine, as it is generated by the Precessor Expert (included in the CodeWarrior vers. 10.6.4).


Unfortunately, the initialization routine doesn't exit from the initial state. It seems it tries to clear the INITRQ bit of the CANCTL0 register, but it doesn't succed. Entering the debugging mode I see that the application is looping checking the INITAK bit of the CANCTL1 register, which never goes to low state (please have a look to the attached picture).

I've tried to rewrite the Init routine following the KE06 user manual, but I've got bad results (unandled interrupt stop,...).

I also attach the simple configuration sets (all interrupts are disabled).


Can anybody help me? Any suggestion welcome...


Thank you very much in advance