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K66 :  Change required for converting from RMII to MII interface

Question asked by koichi sakagami on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by jeremyzhou

Dear community,
We have been developing the Ethernet connection with TWR-K65F180M and TWR-SER.

It works correctly using a RMII interface.
However, it does not work using a MII interface.

I hope to know what are the change point in order to convert from RMII to MII Interface.


The points I changed from RMII to MII are as follows.


[Board setting]
    TWR-SER :
         Jumper-J2 -> 3-4 short to 1-2 short
         Jumper-J12 -> 9-10 short to 9-10 open
    MII interface pin setting      -> add PORTA9 to 11, 24 to 29
                                               -> set MUXing mode 4
    Receive Control Register   -> clear ENET_RCR register : RMII_MODE bit
    MII Speed Control Register -> set 0x17 to ENET_MSCR register  (Core/system clock:120MHz)


       Could you tell me what I have to change in addition ?

       Do you have any sample program using TWR-SER and TWR-K65
       for Ethernet connection test by MII mode ?


Best Regards,
Koichi Sakagami