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Hi all, is there an way to programm a seperate KEA128 controller on a custom designed board via the OpenSDA interface of another KEA128 evaluation board? Any help will be appreciated.

Question asked by Maharaj Shree Kumar Sood on Nov 18, 2016

I have a kea 128 controller embedded on a custom designed PCB for my application. I also have TRK KEA 128 evaluation board. My requirement is that I want to program my PCB KEA controleer with Open SDA interace of the evalaution board, using the pins of the SWD KEA programming connector (J12) on the evaluation board. 


Also, I am using Keil V5.16 to program the KEA evalution board using the onboard Open SDA debugger supported by PE debugger.


Is there a way to it.


Pls help