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Can not connect TWR-k60F120FM to toolkit launch pad & KDS download

Question asked by Henry Nguyen on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by Hui_Ma



i am having problem with the TWR-k60F120FM launch pad.

i followed the instruction and installed the PEMicro driver, i can see them after installation completes and reboot my PC.

see attachment.


Then, i launch the toolkit launchpad, tried the accel demo.  able to connect to port 1 (see attachment) 

but did not see anything showing up.


i can tilt the board and see the light changes but nothing shown up on my toolkit launchpad.


Next i am able to import hello world and compiled / linked in for TRW-K60d100m because they use openJtag like the board i have: TWR-k60F120FM.

then, i can not down load the code.  i think the USB connection to TWR-k60F120FM still has problem.


my question:


1- do i need to change any default jumper to enable comm on openJtag?  I looked at the jumper setting and can not find anything strange.  There is a J10 but i leave it on as default.


2- has anyone has any issue like this?  it is getting frustrated for out of the box experience.