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How to stop a  tuner using saf775x_util utility

Question asked by Prasanna Prabhu on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Deepika Teriar

Hi All,


I am having a saf775x Tuner chip in my board and also have saf775x_util utility binary provided by NXP. Using this I am able to play a FM, Seek to particular channel etc but not able to stop the audio which is stopping me from releasing Audio channel. Can you please help me how to stop the FM audio using saf775x_util utility ?


$./saf775x_util bootFromRom
$./saf775x_util vset src0-set 0x800000 # enable Dirana primary channel SRC
$./saf775x_util vset freq-tune-fm 98500 # tune primary radio to 98.50 MHz
$./saf775x_util pset pri-radio-out pri-input
$./saf775x_util vset pri-mute 0x07ff
$./saf775x_util vset pri-vol1 0x00ff
$./saf775x_util vset pri-vol2 0x0080

are commands I tried to start a fm tuner to get playing and not able to stop FM audio. It will be really helpful if some one please help me on how to stop audio.