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AES encryption available in PR533 module?

Question asked by Rakesh Khatal on Nov 16, 2016

I am working in Panasonic and we have a NFC integrated Windows Tablet PC.

We are working for a project where customer require below things in NFC reader.

1. OS: Android/Windows
2. Encryption: AES (NFC module should have access to this)
3. SAM slot (Available in Device)
4. 3g / 4g / LTE SIM slot (Available in Device)
5. Communication: NFC with support for Felica ISO/IEC 18092 (212 kbps or 424 kbps Passive Communication Mode) 


Pls suggest suitable NFC module for our device.

Device details are as follows.

Panasonic FZ-M1

NFC Module-NXP PR533