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CodeWarrior "Last Day ..." warning window displayed, when CodeWarrior HC12 IDE v5.1 is opened (use of CWH-DONGLE / Perpetual Node Lock)

Question asked by Michel RIVIERE on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by ZhangJennie

Hello! I have recently bought a permanent license for CODEWARRIOR Standard Edition (CWP-STANDARD-NL), with a USB Dongle (CWH-DONGLE / Perpetual Node Lock), for the continuous Engineering of an existing product with HC12 target.

I have installed CODEWARRIOR HC12 V5.1 STANDARD Edition on my 2 x PCs (Windows 7 Professional + Service Pack1), from "CodeWarrior for HCS12(X) Microcontrollers v5.1.exe" downloaded from NXP Site.


I have registered and activated my permanent license, on NXP Site, as documented.


On my first PC, CodeWarrior IDE works correctly, with USB_Dongle connected, and with the right "license.dat".

On my second PC, CodeWarrior IDE seems to work correctly, with USB_Dongle connected, and with the right "license.dat", but when I launch CodeWarrior IDE, the CodeWarrior "Last Day ..." warning window is always displayed (see "CodeWarrior_LastDay_Warning.jpg" file joined to this request), at IDE opening.


I don't know how to do, on the second PC, to not have the display of the CodeWarrior "Last Day ..." warning.

I have tried to re-install CodeWarrior HC12 V5.1 STD + FlexID Dongle Driver, 4 or 5 x times, on the second PC, but the result is always the same.

For information, when I select the menu "Help / License Authorization", in CodeWarrior IDE, on the first PC, I see the value of Dongle ID, in the row "Dongle ID", but when I perform the same action on the second PC, the "Dongle ID" area is empty.

I precise that, on the 2 x PCs, when I launch "lmtools.exe" (USB_Dongle connected to PC), in "System Settings" tab, I see the right value of Dongle ID in the "FLEXID" area.


Thanks in advance, for your help.