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SabreBoard imx7 and pciExpress WLAN Chip ath9k

Question asked by Ruben Schwarz on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by igorpadykov



I'm trying to get an Atheros WLAN Chip running on imx7 Sabre board. Chipset is ath9k.

Kernel and root-file system are built by yocto, System startup works fine and wpa_supplicant tries to connect to WLAN.

After getting a WLAN-Connection, this connection is immediatelly disconnected.


After some research i found, that ping is very slow (500-1500ms) and not stable. Furthermore I found, that there are no interrupts for ath9k driver:

cat /proc/interrupts:

305: 0 0 GPCV2 122 Edge PCIe PME, ath9k


On a second board with imx6 with working wlan there are interrupts.


Now my question:

How can I enable interrupts for ath9k driver?

Is this an devicetree configuration problem?

Any configuration options for ath9k kernel driver?

Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance