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Ethernet transmission via DPAA

Question asked by Leon Nan on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by Yiping Wang

    Dear sir.
I am a software engineer from china. We are using B4860qds. We want to implement IP communications beyond CPRI to control the RRU.

We have a solution: DSP received CPRI's Ethernet data, and enqueue the data to a FQ which is Rx-FQ in a Macless driver of PA side. The PA side unpacked the IP data via the Macless driver. In the opposite direction, the PA side sent the data via Macless (enqueue the data to the Tx-FQ of the driver) , and the DSP dequeue the data and sent it via CPRI.

We have implemented this solution, and it works well in short time. However, the ethernet link breaks down after a long time. At this time, DSP has finished the frame enqueue operation successful. But this operation  does not trigger the receive function in the macless dpaa ethernet driver. We don't know where dose the successful  FQ  going and which part causes the ethernet link breaking. 

   Now this issue has confused us for a long long time. We can not get some effective methods to solve it. Can you give us some constructive advice?


Best regards.