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Missing k53_tower.h from KINETIS512_V2_SC

Question asked by Claus Stovgaard on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by Claus Stovgaard

Working with the Kinetis K53 devices I needed to use the Kinetis 100MHz Rev 2 Example Projects (Rev 1.0)

Direct link to - Kinetis 100MHz Rev 2 Example Projects 


It contains k60_tower.h under src/platforms/k60_tower.h though as seen in src\common\common.h a file named k53_tower exsist for a K53 tower board. Can anyone provide a place where this is located? Looked into all the code snippets package I could find på have not seen it yet.


I would imagne the license for k53_tower is the same as k60_tower, but if anyone can confirm this, it would be great.


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